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Cabinet Video Library

Ready to Renovate?

Helpful video’s offer tips on navigating your reno to installing and adjusting your cabinetry if you are looking to DIY.  

Cabinetry products and specifications are subject to change.

A Tremendous Transformation


Thinking about a renovation project and wondering what goes into the tear-out and installation process?  See a modest kitchen project come together in about three minutes!

Adjusting Door Hinges and Drawer Fronts


This quick video explains how to adjust drawer fronts for proper visual alignment, as well as how to simply adjust our 6-way door hinges.

Installing Wall Corner and Base Corner Cabinets


As corner cabinets are the first to be installed, viewing our step-by-step instructions for hanging them properly will get your installation started on the right foot.

Installing a Decorative End Panel


Decorative end panels are finishing touches that really elevate the look of a kitchen. Watch this video for quick and simple direction on installing a decorative panel to the side of your cabinet.

Cleaning Your Cabinetry


Properly cleaning and caring for your cabinetry is key to its longevity. Watch this video to understand what to do and what not to do, to help your investment stand the test of time.

Navigating the Renovation Process


Pick up some helpful tips and tricks for a successful kitchen renovation with our light-hearted overview.